About us

Our vision

Founded in 2023, Tilt Energy was created with the mission to support the transition to an independent power network, liberated from reliance on fossil fuels. At Tilt Energy, we are committed to promoting renewable energy by developing innovative solutions that manage electrical consumption and flexibility efficiently. We see the strategic management of electrical flexibility as an essential asset for ensuring power security and sustainability.

Our platform leverages advanced technology to optimize the use of energy in real-time, integrating renewable sources and reducing dependence on traditional power grids. By doing so, we aim to transform the energy landscape into one that is not only sustainable but also profitable in the long term. Our ambition is to lead the shift towards a more adaptive and resilient energy system, making smart energy management accessible and beneficial for all.

Our team

Our team has been at the forefront of the energy market, particularly excelling in the areas of flexibility and renewable energies. Composed of professionals from diverse backgrounds, our team combines expertise in energy markets, technology, software development, data science, and entrepreneurship, all unified by a shared vision.