Integration into Microsoft’s Environmental Start-up Accelerator

We are extremely proud to announce our integration into the environmental start-up accelerator launched by Microsoft at Station F, in partnership with Schneider Electric. This accelerator, dedicated to supporting green innovations, aims to propel ambitious projects that address current environmental challenges.

Among numerous projects focused on energy flexibility in the tertiary sector, our selection clearly demonstrates our leadership and expertise in this crucial area. We have proven our ability to offer innovative solutions to optimize energy consumption and efficiently integrate renewable energy sources.

We have been selected alongside 9 other ambitious start-ups, all determined to make a significant environmental impact. This integration marks a major milestone in our development. It provides us with a unique opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders like Microsoft and Schneider Electric, benefit from their technological and strategic support, and accelerate our growth.

We are eager to leverage this platform to advance our mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions and making a significant contribution to the energy transition. This event is an important recognition of our efforts and our potential to transform the energy sector. We will continue to work tirelessly to innovate and develop solutions that drive a greener future.